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My art and passion is painting meaningful, heartfelt likenesses of special pets.

My Studio

My studio is my oasis and our family’s craft room. Having my children be creative brings my art room alive. Thank you so much to my wonderful husband, Jason, for providing me with an amazing room with natural light, natural wood trim and plenty of storage. With lots of love and appreciation in my heart, I thank my husband for all his support.

How I work

Talking with my clients is very important to me because I listen and learn about them and their companions.  Then I can capture their true character in my paintings.  If possible, I will take photos of my subjects.  If I use photos from a client, I will create a sketch using them as reference. 

Turnaround Time

Time depends on size and details. A small painting with a simple background with just torso details of a pet will take less time than a portrait with a pet playing with children in a meadow. I enjoy capturing every detail of a client’s pet and background therefor time will be determined after the design has been finalized. Time usually ranges from 4 weeks to 8 weeks. 

My Process & Materials

After a sketch has been finalized and approved, I will paint the background onto a wooden panel. Next, I use carbon paper to transfer the sketch. First layer I paint is the direction of fur with a dark color. Then I continue to add layers of fur.  Finally, I will add the fine details that make the animal really come alive.

Pet Gallery

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Happy Parents


Our Hugo loves children and other dogs and wants to be everyone’s friend. He is the sweetest, kindest soul and is happiest when his family is together. We are so lucky to have found him.  Amy has captured his sweet personality and I treasure this portrait. Best Christmas gift EVER!

- Kim Baker

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